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  • My Order is damaged, missing parts, or didn't arrive.
Please send us a message to and we'll help to resolve your issue. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we'll help you get the working item you ordered, or your money back.

  • When will you get more stock on items showing 'Out Of Stock'?
Stock regularly gets replenished on the website and on our eBay store. We try to keep both platforms as updated as possible, though sometimes due to availability of supply it can take a while. If it's been a while and it's still out of stock, send us an e-mail at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with an update.

  • Ballpoint or Rollerball, which do I choose?
If you're after something wet and fluid at writing, but not quite a fountain pen, the Rollerball will be ideal. Ballpoint pens have a thicker ink, that require a fair amount of pressure to write with.

  • Is there a discount for bulk orders?
Possibly, please e-mail with the details.

  • Is there a display/gift box with the pens?
No, unless stated otherwise. All pens are sent in a clear, resealable bag along with the appropriate amount of ink cartridges (if any).

  • When will I receive my order?
Domestic (UK) Orders have a postage time of around 1-3 working days, while International orders can be 7-11 days depending on location. These are all estimates, and might vary depending on the carrier service.

  • My Fountain pen isn't working properly, what should I do?
Occasionally Far Eastern pen brands such as Jinhao or HERO have manufacturing oil on the plastics inside the pen, and it is not washed off in the factory. It doesn't pose much of a problem usually and it is cleared with a bit of writing, however it can sometimes be bad enough that it causes partial or total ink flow blockage, and even in some cases too much flow.
What we suggest is to remove the cartridge/converter, unscrew the nib unit and place it into a cup of very hot, dish soapy water for upwards of an hour, and this should clear any oils out in a similar fashion to how dish soap cleans a greasy pan. Before leaving it to soak, plug in the converter and drag the solution in and out of the pen a few times, but do make sure to remove the converter when leaving it to soak.